Sustainable technology

Due to high efficiency permanent magnet IE 4 motors, controlled by frequency inverters, the compressors delivers top class performance and flexibility with low energy consumption. Which means a smaller CO2 footprint. 🌱

Vestec Marine Compressors uses state of the art technology to ensure reliable compressor supply, tailored for marine use, in harsh conditions. We bring the best from decades of experience with compressor manufacturing.

Our vision is to take advantage of the best technology and in house know-how. Develop high performing reliable compressors systems which has a service friendly design and low operating costs.

MD, Stian Osmundsen

Rigorous testing

All compressors are tested in our testing facility according to high standards. A test certificate is issued after successful test and is delivered with the compressor. 3rd party inspection can be performed on request. We also offer customized testing for customer specific demands.

Complete compressor systems

By combining our compressors with our
after treatment products you gain solutions which suits most needs.

We have an extensive range of products are are able to deliver complete solutions in house.

VMC Adsorption dryer
  • Working air
  • Instrument air
  • Control air
  • N2 systems
  • Bulk air systems
  • SCR systems (NOx reduction of emissions)